Hair Care Tips for the Best Dressed Tresses

Your hair is your crowning glory, so make sure it shines in all weather conditions. The key to beautiful locks is a good hair care regimen that leaves hair strong and healthy from the follicles right down to the ends. Hair care doesn't have to take a lot of time, but it does require a degree of know-how on the ways to treat hair best.

This article will provide the basics of good health care. We will also let you in on a couple of hair care product lines that your tresses are sure to love.


Beautiful hair is clean hair, so indulge in a thorough shampoo as often as your roots seem to need it. For some, hair care may be needed every two or three days, while others require a daily shampoo to maintain their shine. When applying shampoo, treat yourself to a DIY scalp massage that increases blood flow and nutrients to the hair follicles. Since shampoo and conditioner residue can weigh hair down, rinse completely after your cleansing. A teaspoon of vinegar in cool rinse water is the best way to ensure your hair is squeaky clean and residue free.


The styling step in hair care often requires heated devices like blow dryers, curling irons or hot rollers. While these instruments are essential for getting the different styles you crave, they can also do a number on your hair. Heat leads to dryness, which leads to split ends and hair that looks less than its best. Use heat as sparingly as possible, by air-drying your hair on occasion or wearing it straight once in a while. When you do have to blow dry, try using the cool setting on the blow dryer for a little extra protection or apply a product designed to help your locks take the heat.

DS Laboratories

For those concerned with hair loss, there are hair care products available specifically for this issue. DS Laboratories makes an entire line of hair care products designed to help you keep your tresses and avoid patterned baldness. The line includes shampoos to prevent hair loss as well as treatment products to reverse hair loss that has already occurred. Most of the DS Laboratories hair care products can be found at high end spas or online through select beauty product suppliers.

ProCyte TriComin

For those with weak, brittle hair, ProCyte's TriComin line of hair care products can help. These formulas are designed to strengthen hair from the follicles down. The products are loaded with effective ingredients like copper peptides and minerals that provide fullness and bounce to any head of hair. The line is created to work together for maximum results. You can find TriComin products through many online retailers and beauty supply stores.

Healthy hair is beautiful hair, and these hair care tips will help you keep your tresses looking and feeling their absolute best. With regular, thorough cleansings and extra care to protect hair from damaging heat, you can maintain a thick, healthy mane in all kinds of weather. For those dealing with specific hair care concerns, the companies listed above provide a wealth of treatments and preventative care to keep your hair looking its best throughout your life.