Seven Tips on How To Care For Dry Skin Right Now

Perhaps your skin has been feeling rough and thickened lately.  Or maybe it’s especially itchy, particularly if the weather has turned colder outside.  These itchy spots may be more evident on your hands, arms, legs or face.  You scratch and scratch, only making the area more red and now flaky with dead skin.  Yet the problem persists.  The bottoms of your feet, even your belly, may be itchy.  The most likely cause of all of the above:  dry skin.

Not all dry skin conditions are alike.  Some are much more severe than others, requiring the skill of a dermatologist to diagnose eczema, rosacea, ichthyosis or other medical conditions.  But as we age, we all tend to acquire dry skin of a less serious nature.  Keep in mind that dry skin not only feels uncomfortable, but it also shrivels up your once-plump skin cells and creates wrinkles, just like a grape losing its moisture turns into a wrinkled raisin. 

If you suspect you have dry skin, you need to know how to care for dry skin now, before even more time goes by and those wrinkles set in.  You also can learn how to lighten skin, erasing any ages spots or freckles that mar the even skin tone that is so desirable.

The first tip on how to care for dry skin is a simple one:  do not take long, luxurious hot showers.  I know….hot water on your skin feels very good and you may think you’re cleaner and more moisturized because of it.  But hot water just strips your skin of its natural oils, it doesn’t add moisture.  It’s better to shower or bathe with just warm water and to keep it short, say five or ten minutes at the most.  

Another easy solution on how to care for dry skin is to use a humidifier in your bedroom to add moisture to the air.  The bedroom is where you spend many hours of your life, sleeping, so it makes sense to treat your skin there while you sleep. 

Have you considered how to care for dry skin with the choice of clothes you wear?  To lessen the discomfort of dry skin, wear breathable clothing like cottons.  Natural materials are the way to go to let the skin breath and stay comfortable.  Stay away from irritating wools.

Your diet is important.  Eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  They strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, keeping moisture in and dryness at bay.

If your skin is dry and very itchy, do not use a harsh soap to clean your face or your body.  Use a gentle cleanser with moisturizers in it.

Remember, dry skin needs moisture.  Drink a lot of water every day to replenish fluids in your body and it will help moisten your skin from the inside out.

The last tip on how to care for dry skin is probably the most important one.  Use a good moisturizing lotion.  This may sound like a no-brainer, but some people neglect to use a moisturizing lotion on their skin.  You should smooth a moisturizing lotion on your body, especially after you shower.  Place the moisturizing lotion on your skin while your body is still a little damp, so that it locks the moisture in. 

Because you don’t want to set in wrinkles due to dry skin, use a quality moisturizing facial cream also.  A good moisturizing facial cream will relieve dry skin redness and itching and plump up the skin so lines have little chance of settling in.

The type of moisturizing facial cream or moisturizing lotion you use is very important.  Look for a product that contains natural ingredients so you don’t irritate the skin any further.  Also, there are certain organic ingredients that are extremely helpful for dry skin conditions.   Ageless Derma Organic Moisturizing Body Lotion, for instance, contains avocado, soybean, jojoba and almond oils.  Ageless Derma’s Moisturizing Lotion already has fatty acids in it so you will be getting a double dose (remember to also eat foods rich in those omega 3’s). The soybean oil used in this lotion is especially good because it is taken from a wild soybean plant, Glycine Soja, which is rich in fatty acids. 

When you’ve gotten your dry skin under control with the right moisturizing facial cream, you may want to start thinking about how to lighten skin that is showing its age with dark spots and hyperpigmentation.  You will find excellent products for this issue also with Ageless Derma and other fine products.