Most signs of aging emerge slowly while others may emerge early as a result of the constant environmental stress of daily living. The day job, smog, methane landfill byproduct, imperialism, global injustice -- every action of life itself causes oxidative stress that dramatically and prematurely ages skin. Every day, every place, every second, regardless of pollution level or season, skin is under attack by free radicals. Introducing the next brighter younger thing in the fight against aging, Idebenone.

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Idebenone Skin Care Products

This new multifunctional compound behaves much like the well-known antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q10 and the potent de-pigmentation agent hydroquinone. Yet Idebenone is more effective than either one of these more common active ingredients. It even avoids inducing the skin sensitivity that is commonly experienced. Idebenone is also gentle enough for almost any skin type. Unlike alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids, Idebenone works without any signs of irritation or additional sun or environmental vulnerability. Fight aging from this day forward with your very own Idebenone skin care products brought to you by Youll find Idebenone in all of the TRUE Cosmetics we carry whether youre looking for face moisturizer, revealing complex or eye contour serum.