Illuminate Your Skin with Illuminare

Illuminare is known for being the innovative company who created the very first line of amazing mineral makeup in a liquid form. The inventor of this phenomenal makeup is an experienced esthetician, Ruthie Malloy. Her inspiration for developing this line of superior products came directly from women who had been through laser resurfacing. The mineral powder makeup was not providing the coverage or the protection that these women desperately needed for their skin, which encouraged Malloy to put her nose to the grindstone to create these fantastic products.

Illuminare's Mineral Makeup is made with completely inorganic mineral ingredients in order to ensure that no bacterial growth or spoiling occurs. The minerals used also provide extremely high levels of protection from the dangerous rays of the sun, which is something that Illuminare feels very strongly about providing.

So, what kinds of products might you find in this great line of products? The mineral makeup liquid foundation is available in distinctly different product types and all offer SPF 21 protection. For those needing a bit of extra coverage, the Extra Coverage Foundation/Concealer might be the best fit. Of course, if you are not certain what type of foundation would be best for your needs, Illuminare offers a very helpful, inexpensive sample pack that offers 3 different shades for each of the three formulas. This will allow you to test each without making a big investment.

Illuminare also offers blush in two different formulas that both offer 5 different shades, 8 different shades of liquid eye color, mineral glosses for the lips, and a variety of tools for application. The entire line offers great coverage for those experiencing issues with redness, while offering an extremely gentle makeup option for sensitive skin. If you are looking for coverage that also protects your skin from the sun, you won't be disappointed with Illuminare's Mineral Makeup.