The Jurlique Skin Care Line

While in the past companies looked to the secrets of man made products to try and create medicines to treat and improve skin, more recent discoveries have taken the industry in a different direction. Jurlique is one of the leading companies that have realized that the secrets contained in many of the natural products that grow in the earth contain skin healing and nourishing secrets. Their research into this area has led to the creation of their outstanding organic skin care line.

Jurlique has a wide product range that includes their organic skin care line, but which also includes bath products, aromatherapy, hair, and baby oriented products. The unique thing about this Australian company is that they control every aspect of their product creation process. Instead of sourcing their ingredients, they also own a farming operation where they grow the key ingredients for their product lines.

Jurlique includes some ingredients in their organic skin care line that are prized for their skin care properties such as lavender and rose, but also use some more unique organic ingredients. Ibisabolbol and Turmeric extract are two of their more interesting and unique ingredients. Ibisabolbol is used for helping to reduce redness, and turmeric helps to destroy free radicals before they can damage the skin.

The product line of Jurlique is incredibly diverse, ensuring that you can find a product that meets the exact need that you are trying to fulfill. Their skin care line includes products that are designed for specific skin types, and specific purposes. You can also purchase gift sets which include all the products you need to address a specific concern. Examples include their Rebalance Dryness introductory set, or their rebalance sensitivity introductory set.

Specific products will combine the primary ingredients of the line with other ingredients which have been shown to support a specific aim. For example, one of the most popular products in the lineup is the Purely Age-Defying Facial serum. This is an anti-aging product which includes a wide range of ingredients to help make your skin stronger and more elastic. In addition to some of the primary ingredients of the company, it also includes Hibiscus and Black Elder, as well as licorice.