Kinerase Cream

The Kinerase Skincare range is built around kinetin, a substance found in plants that prevents them from drying out, withering, and wrinkling. The brand includes creams formulated for day use that can be used in conjunction with make-up, as well as creams intended specifically for night use only. Many of the Kinerase cream formulas also have SPF built in.

All of the Kinerase cream formulas are infused with rich botanicals and powerful age-fighting ingredients, such as kola nut, lemon, and aloe vera, as well as more traditional ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid

Kinerase brings you effective formulations that deliver the remarkable restorative powers of kinetin directly to skin to dramatically improve your skin's ability to retain moisture.

The latest innovation from Kinerase cream is Pro+Therapy. Pro+Therapy is available exclusively through physicians and Zeatin is the secret to Pro+Therapy. As a next generation plant-based extract derived from plant RNA that is proprietary to Valeant, zeatin is the basis of this advanced anti-wrinkle cream treatment option. Pro+Therapy is designed to help break topical cosmetic plateaus and take results to the next level.

Kinerase's complete regimen of products works synergistically to reveal more radiant, visibly tighter skin.