The Kinerase Skincare range is built around kinetin, a substance found in plants that prevents them from drying out, withering, and wrinkling. All of the Kinerase cream formulas are infused with rich botanicals and powerful age-fighting ingredients, such as kola nut, lemon, and aloe vera, as well as more traditional ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid.

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First skincare line to incorporate Kinetin, the powerful plant substance proven to fight wrinkles, is now available through online skincare leader

Kinerase eye cream, Kinerase lotion, and other Kinerase cream products offer a natural, gentle skincare line which has gained a widespread reputation through celebrity loyalty including Jennifer Anniston, Debra Messing, Amanda Peet, Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, and many more famous faces. But the real star of the show is kinetin. Read more about Kinerase

Kinetin is a non-acidic, plant-based extract which diminishes wrinkles and fine lines and smoothes aging skin. Kinetin in plants is the substance which prevents leaves from drying or withering and helps to retain moisture. Kinerase eye cream, Kinerase cream and Kinerase lotion products all contain kinetin to prevent wrinkles and to heal sun damage. Kinetin is not an acid so it does not burn or irritate.

With kinetin, Kinerase eye cream, Kinerase cream, and Kinerase lotion products deliver the restorative power to rejuvenate and heal, leaving younger, smoother, skin. Along with kinetin, the Kinerase Cream Pro+Therapy line, available through physicians, incorporates zeatin, an RNA plant extract proven to diminish crow’s feet, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Zeatin in Kinerase cream products corrects past damage, such as sun damage and age spots.

“Along with kinetin, Kinerase eye cream, Kinerase lotion, and all of the Kinerase cream products are infused with rich botanicals and natural, age-defying ingredients. These include aloe vera, lemon, kola nut, glycolic acid, hyaluric acid, and many more beneficial elements to produce younger looking skin,” stated Rachel Goodyear, esthetician at

Kinerase Lotion Under Eye Rescue is a highly advanced treatment combining pentpeptide power in the form of palmitoyl Tri-peptide 3, which acts as a building block in Kinerase eye cream to plump wrinkles and restore skin. Kinerase eye cream also eliminates dark circles and puffy eyes.

Clinical studies show Kinerase Lotion C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment incorporates the newest neuropeptide, Snap-8, and is clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles up to 34.9%. This Kinerase lotion product also incorporates the brightening, collagen-boosting effects of vitamin C, and green tea to offer beneficial antioxidants.

Restructuring Firming Kinerase Eye Cream stimulates collagen production targeting elastin cells to create smoother, more elastic, youthful skin around the eyes. Restructuring Firming Kinerase Eye Cream combines kinetin with a clinical level of elastin to safely reduce fine lines and crow’s feet. Kinerase eye cream is also offered in through physicians within the Kinerase Pro+Therapy line.


Over 5000 Skincare products

More than 5000 skincare products


I am thrilled with my order from DrSkinSpa. Their service is excellent as I had some questions and they responded immediately, plus they sent me some free samples as well. I will recommend this company as they stand behind their products and always deliver what they say they will. You cannot beat them for quality products and excellent customer service.

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Received my order today from DrSkinSpa and was so happy because it came before the delivery date. I was excited to try this new product and am glad to say that it is exactly what I wanted. I have had problems with my skin and DrSkinSpa always has the best products at the best prices. Plus they offer the opportunity to talk to an esthetician so you can really understand what each product will do before you purchase it.

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