Lashem Picture Perfect 0.5oz
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Lashem Picture Perfect 0.5oz

Item #: LASH03
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Lashem Picture Perfect 0.5oz

This anti aging skin care product is great for instantly removing wrinkles and giving you that smooth Picture Perfect look you deserve! Watch our product reviews and see how this natural wrinkle cream treatment can make you look and feel younger. The anti wrinke lotion is easy to apply on a daily basis and begins working immediately. Picture Perfect and wrinkle free from day-to-night INSTANTLY! Picture Perfect is sure to turn heads with a formula made to lift skin instantly. The slight tingle will awaken the skin and help appear years younger! It will also increase wrinkle reduction for long term effects. Vanish those stubborn lines and wrinkles with Picture Perfect! Forget Botox, use natural ingredients made to enhance your natural beauty for an irresistible Picture Perfect look.

UPC: 893436002195
Item Number: LASH03
Manufacturer: LASHEM
Manufacturer Part No: 5002

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