Lierac Paris Offers,Lierac Bust Lift Cream and Lierac Cream

The French skin care line, Lierac Paris is known for their highly concentrated formulas to treat a variety of skin concerns. Carrying only the highest quality of ingredients the Lierac Bust Lift Cream Anti-Spot promotes healthy, youthful looking décolleté and bust by significantly diminishing age spots after time, while tightening skin for a youthful appearance. Specifically, the key ingredient hazelnut oligopeptides goes below the top layer of skin to deeply restructure skin cells with a collagen boosting action. While the Japanese Mandarin completes the luxurious feel with its intense moisturizing ability leaving your skin hydrated and smooth for a simply addicting and effective treatment.

Lierac skin care

Lierac Laboratories is a French company founded by a cosmetic doctor in 1975. The first French dermo-cosmetic brand recognized as the specialist in the correction and prevention of skin aging and disorders related to the esthetics of the face and body, Lierac gained a solid reputation through the years in the skin care industry.  Lierac’s pioneering ideas dating back from the mid-70s has never been more appropriate than today where the population in general puts great importance on appearance and staying young-looking.

The Lierac cream soon became the acknowledged international benchmark in the cosmetics industry with their combination of enjoyable beauty rituals with the use of effective cosmetic products. The French appeal of their product line with their pleasurable sensual nature made Lierac a famous brand.  Their “Language of the Skin” banner and signature attracted a loyal following of glamorous women who wanted not only to stay beautiful but feel beautiful too.

Uniting the best of plant-derived active ingredients with modern technological scientific processes, Lierac became a pioneer in Phyto-cosmetics.  The company’s original values and focus has been retained since its early years: innovation, safety, performance, understanding and femininity.  Lierac Laboratories has stayed on top of the industry and in various fields of dermo-cosmetics with their pioneering and innovative skin care products.

Lierac  paris have always enjoyed a privileged relationship with France’s medical community since its founding, gaining the advantage of acquiring scientifically-based expertise on all aspects related to the skin.  The Lierac know-how regarding the living aspects of the skin has been their basis in the development of products for skin repair and restoration.  The Lierac skin care products utilize nature’s extraordinary powers in combination with modern biotechnological innovations to precisely address individual needs and expectations.

Lierac cream formulations are the product of rigorous scientific studies and testing to provide the appropriate skincare product to address specific problems.  Lierac Laboratories takes extra care in the selection and processing of powerful and natural active ingredients for processing into skin care products with the most effective dosage while balancing performance and individual tolerance.  The Lierac philosophy is firmly anchored in its medical heritage and scientific credibility combined with rigor and ethical values.  The company considers research and development as a very important aspect of their operations, making them anticipate the needs of their clients and benefit from recent discoveries and major technological advances.

The Lierac Laboratories’ in-house research team is composed of pharmacists and doctors that continuously collaborate with the French and international scientific communities.  They have developed partnerships with various universities and research groups and long term collaboration with experts in skin care. Lierac paris work continues in the search for active, most effective ingredients and the latest breakthroughs in skin care formulations, as well as the study of skin disorders and aging mechanisms.  In 2003,  lierac body created the Leirac Dermatological Research award to finance and award pioneering work and research of dermatologists worldwide in the field of skin aging.

Lierac paris is not only focused on the clinical aspects of its products but also makes sure that there is the element of well-being, seduction and sensoriality in their products.  Their aim is to make women more aware of their skin conditions and find that caring for their skin can be done in an enjoyable manner. The Lierac paris products boast of voluptuous textures, fragrance purity, distinctive bottle designs as well as product effectiveness. Lierac’s answers for women worldwide are skincare products that are a joy to use; uniting their effectiveness with a woman’s sense of well-being, beauty and pleasure.

For the care of the face, Lierac offers the following product categories:  Complexion care, Dermatological care, Specific care, Serums, Anti-aging care, Moisturizers, Masks / Exfoliators and Cleansers and lierac cream.  They address the needs of individuals in the aspects of global anti-aging, correction of facial volumes and lift, filling in of deep wrinkles, correction of wrinkles and skin firmness, correction of early lines and wrinkles and correction of the complexion. For Body Care, Leirac cream products include Young mother care, Bust and décolleté care, Firming care, Body-contouring care, Moisturizing care, Shower care and Targeted Body Care.

Lierac also offers Suncare Products under the Sunific Brand Name for After-sun for the body, After-sun for the face, Face & décolleté protection and body protection categories meant to meet the needs for hydration and repair, ultimate protection, tanning. anti-aging and prolong tanning.  For men, Lierac offers a wide range of cleansing, shaving, self-tanners, expert care, anti-aging and moisturizing products.

Lierac paris is the ideal daily skin care partner of both women and men, because of their innate comprehension and understanding of what the skin needs.  The use of Leirac products can set the tone daily to help individuals attain the height of their well-being and beauty and maintain what they have gained.  The range of Lierac products are specially formulated for special needs and specific areas, offering solutions for lack of radiance, dehydrated skin, brown spots, loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles to rejuvenate and reveal the true beauty of the skin.