Lip Treatment

Caring For Your Mouth with A Recommended Lip TreatmentOur lips are a telltale feature of our age, health, and life. For such a prominent facial feature, our lips are often the most neglected part of our face, even though they need the most care. The skin on our lips only contain three to five cellular layers, which makes it much thinner than facial skin. With lighter skin tones, the lips contain significantly less melanin pigment than facial skin. This means that blood vessels appear closer to the surface, thus giving lips a pinkish or red color. With darker skin, lips contain more melanin pigments, therefore appearing darker than facial skin.Lips dry out and chap easily compared to regular skin; this is because they don’t have sweat glands to create an extra layer of protection. Body oils are used to protect the skin by killing pathogens, keeping it smooth and regulating heat. So it is obvious that lips need some extra tender loving care, especially in harsh weather conditions. There are many new lip treatments that help replenish withered lips and create a more youthful, plump appearance and color.

The sun brings a smile to everybody’s face

However, it can also have a very damaging effect on your lips. As mentioned above, lip skin of lighter tones contains very little melanin, which is the pigment that helps to screen out damaging UV rays. Without this protection, lips are easily exposed and at risk of burning. UV rays can alter the appearance of lips as easily as they can cause premature aging on the face. The sun can alter the levels of collagen within the lips, which is a protein that gives skin resilience. The thin cellular layers are eroded, damaged and dried out due to UV rays. Wrinkles form more easily around the mouth and lip area which can lead to premature aging. A good lip treatment is advisable if you suffer from any of these sore lip symptoms.

How to protect your lips

There are many lip treatments on the market that can restore and replenish damaged lips to their once youthful appearance. Even if you are just interested in keeping your lips kissable, or protecting them from the winter weather, a good lip treatment is advisable.DermaquestC Lipoic Lip Enhancer helps to plump up lips while enhancing their natural color with a deeply hydrating Vitamin C lip treatment. Dermaquest Lip Enhancer improves lips from four different angles. First, it improves lip texture, and secondly, it restores the density of the dermal layer with Sodium Hydraluronate, an essential lip hydrator. Alpha Lipoic Acid within the lip treatment acts as an antioxidant that fights free-radical damage from the everyday environment inside and outside the cells. Another ingredient within the Dermaquest lip treatment is ASC III, an amino acid which increases collagen production within the lips, restoring resilience and vitality.

Restore lips with Colorescience

What is the perfect lip treatment for damaged, weary lips? TryColorescience's Lip Restoration Systemwhich is a three-step routine to healthier, plumper lips. First, it is advised that the Crystalscience Lip Serum is used as a primer. Apply the lip treatment before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up, and the serum will soon absorb into the skin of your lips. Second, for pigment, it is advised to use lip treatment should not only be used for times of pampering. It is vital to look after such a delicate area of our face and protect it from the wear and tear of our everyday environment. A good lip treatment will keep your lips soft, smooth and vibrant for years to come.