lotion for dry skin

Looking to Combat Dry Face Skin Problems? Here Are Some of the Best Treatments:

 Itchy, scaly skin that lacks moisture is often called “dry skin.” The reason people begin to notice dry skin is because skin stops producing enough sebum and develops a parched look. Without sufficient sebum, the skin cannot retain the moisture it needs. People who have dry skin may also have found that their skin is highly sensitive to the extremes of weather. These people may experience pain during a period of hot or cold weather conditions and also during windy weather. Air conditioners also are not helpful because they are designed to strip moisture from the air, which, in turn, strips even more moisture from the skin.

Aside from air conditioners and the harsh winds of winter, there are many other causes of dry skin. Sometimes a person inherits dry skin from their relatives. What we eat can affect our skin. Diets that are deficient in the A and B vitamins can be a cause of dry skin. Drugs we take that are classified as antihistamines or diuretics fight against the body’s natural mechanism for putting moisture back into the skin. The harsh soaps and chemicals we place on our face skin to clean it may force us to add lotion for dry face skin into our daily face care regimen.

Dry skin is not an unconquerable problem. There are some basic dry skin face treatments that you can do at home with items that are easy to acquire. At-home dry skin treatments are always a good starting place for combating the affects of dry skin.

If you suffer from dry skin, adding oil to your bathwater and using a moisturizing bath soap or even a face soap specially formulated for moisturizing dry skin will protect your skin from losing any more moisture during the cleaning process. Using lotion for dry skin or lotion for dry face skin will help lock moisture into the skin after bathing. In fact, lotion for dry skin has been designed not only to increase the amount of moisture available to your skin but to hold the moisture inside where it is needed most.

Another simple way to help your dry face skin is to avoid food and beverages that act like diuretics. Caffeine products, smoking, and alcohol should all be avoided by people who suffer from dry skin. Like other diuretics, these habits pull moisture out of the skin and make dry face skin even more dried out and flaky.

To give the body an at-home added boost, a person with dry skin should increase the amount of fluids they drink each day. Chamomile and peppermint teas can help a person suffering from dry skin by hydrating and healing their dry skin. For those who need a soothing treatment for red, irritated, dry skin, they can add comfrey and calendula to their face sauna to achieve a real pick-me-up. These two herbs cannot only regenerate dead, dry face skin, but they can soften it as well.

For those looking for a topical home dry face skin treatment, aloe vera is renowned for its soothing, healing, and moisturizing abilities. As an added boost, it will clear away dead, dry face skin, making it an ideal treatment for chapped lips. Although these home remedies for dry skin are good, most people find that they need something more effective to deal with their dry skin and dry face skin needs.

If you have tried a lotion for dry face skin and still have dry skin problems, it is time that you invested in a higher quality lotion. A lotion such as Ageless Derma’s Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream is an investment in a fresh and calming future for your skin. If your dry skin happens to originate from problems with acne or eczema, then finding a moisture-rich lotion for dry face skin that is non-comedogenic is an added must.

Keep in mind when searching for a lotion for face skin, there are lotions to be worn at night and lotions to be worn during the day. Both types of lotion perform a different task, so it is essential that you invest in both of them. Night moisturizing lotion for dry face skin not only adds moisture back into your dry skin but also regenerates it. Day moisturizing lotion for dry face skin is designed to protect your dry face skin from the harsh elements of the weather. They prevent your dry skin from losing even more moisture. Finding a lotion for dry face skin that is packed with vital nutrients will give your dry skin an added boost at retaining moisture.

The primary purpose of any lotion for dry skin should be to replace the lost elastin and collagen. These key proteins are easily depleted because of age and environmental factors. At the same time, lotion for dry skin should increase your skin’s ability to retain moisture. When a lotion for dry skin adds the moisture back into your skin and encourages the replacement of lost elastin and collagen, skin cells will appear fresher and more vibrant. It will give the added benefit of causing wrinkles to fade or even disappear.

Before choosing a high quality lotion for dry face skin, look at the ingredients on the available products and compare them. The best lotion will have a high concentration of water binding agents and emollients. Water binding agents, or natural moisturizing factors, will actually bind moisture to the outer layer of dry face skin and rejuvenate it. Emollients go beyond making your dry face skin hydrated – they make it feel smooth and soft to the touch. Typical water binding agents found in quality lotion for dry face skin are glycogen, collagen, hyaluronic acids, and glycerin. Some of the emollients that high quality lotions use are shea butter, mineral oil, cocoa butter, lanolin, silicone, and a variety of plant oils. Many reputable skin care companies add these ingredients to their products along with others in order to revive dry skin.

If you want to find a quality lotion for dry skin, a good place to start is www.drskinspa.com. This website has a variety of premium lotions that are specially formulated to meet all your dry skin needs and provides one stop shopping. For example, you may like that BioElements Absolute Moisturizer is formulated to provide extremely dry skin with the maximum amount of hydration. However, once you read that it contains a natural moisturizing factor, hyaluronic acid, and two emollients, avocado oil and almond oil, you can be assured that it contains what you need to resolve your dry skin issues.