Lotions for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin needs special care and attention as it can easily have a bad reaction to harsh skin products. It also reacts adversely to certain skin procedures and exposure to harsh weather conditions such as extreme wind and cold as well as exposure to strong sun rays.

Although it seems like sensitive skin may be hard to care for, it is actually pretty easy as long as we take the time to understand this skin type and the right products to use for it. It’s best to avoid using products that have added chemicals and fragrances on any product for sensitive skin care. It’s better to go for natural skincare products as they will be gentle on sensitive skin; some good ingredients to look out for include chamomile and aloe vera among others.

Any lotions for sensitive skin should be tested first on a small part of the skin before being used on the whole body. This is to first make sure that the skin will not react adversely before using it on the whole body. If we do not do this we risk irritating our sensitive skin and it may react badly giving way to problem skin.

Any lotion for sensitive skin should ideally be light and non greasy as well as hypoallergenic and made using the best gentle ingredients preferably natural ones. When it comes to cleaners some harmful ingredients to look out for in any cleansing lotion for sensitive skin care that are capable of irritating skin include, ammonium lauryl sulfate which is a harsh  cleaning agent that can be very drying and irritating to sensitive skin.

When it comes to the dyes and artificial colorants to avoid, look out for any among the listed ingredients on the packaging that have the words FD&C. As sensitive skin gets easily irritated by harsh skin care regimens avoid using abrasive exfoliating skin face lotions on sensitive skin. Also avoid rough exfoliates such as those with rough ingredients such as apricot kernels.

Alpha lipoic acids may be considered great additions in certain products especially in anti aging skin care products but in lotions for sensitive skin it should be avoided as it can easily burn and irritate sensitive skin. For this reason you should avoid such irritating ingredients from any lotion you use for sensitive skin.

It is also advisable that sensitive skin lotions on the face are gentle and moisturizing. On the other hand they can’t be too heavy and should be easily absorbed into the skin. In the same vein consider using cleansers that avoid drying the skin rather than using cleansers that are harsh and strip the skin off moisture since sensitive skin when dry only gets inflamed and red.

Sunscreen is greatly important in taking care of sensitive skin since this type of skin burns easily. When selecting a sun protection lotion for sensitive skin, its best to go for one with an SPF 15 and above. Choose one that is gel based since it is absorbed faster by the skin. Don’t think that you can get away with applying this lotion once a day especially when you go out for swimming or spend a long time in the sun. Make sure that in this case you reapply the sun screen after every two hours to sufficiently protect your skin.

Make sure that you keep the amount of products that you use on sensitive skin at a minimum. This means investing in products that can serve more than one purpose. A good example is combined cleansing and toning lotions for the face as well as moisturizing lotions for sensitive skin that are combined with sun screen.

It’s also good to choose one reputable skin care company from which you can get all you skin care products from. This is because they are less likely to clash and end up irritating your skin. If possible get a whole range of products specifically made for sensitive skin as they are manufactured in such a way that the ingredients work harmoniously and effectively together for great results.

It may surprise you that people with sensitive skin can also react from eating certain kind of food such as hot and spicy foods as well as extremely hot foods and beverages. The reason for this is that they can cause extreme flashing of the skin leading to skin irritation. Although it may seem complicated all it takes is a clear understanding of the type of skin that you have and getting the right products and it will be easy to handle sensitive skin.