Luzern: Combining Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients with Swiss Extracts

Luzern is a company that has been involved in European skincare since 1996. They are committed to the combination of pharmaceutical grade ingredients with certified plant extracts in pure processing that includes no artificial preservatives or mass-manufacturing practices. The Luzern skincare line provides the most potent natural formulas for optimal benefits and maximum effectiveness. We will discuss why this combination of modern science and nature is so effective in keeping skin in top condition with the Luzern skincare line.

Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients

When substances are classified as "pharmaceutical grade", it means they use a higher level of active ingredients than products you typically purchase over the counter. These ingredients pack a powerful punch in fighting the effects of aging and maintaining a healthy glow on the skin throughout life. Ingredients used by Luzern, like coQ10 and vitamin C, at this dosage can offer the greatest benefit to the skin with eight times the average active ingredients of other brands.

Certified Swiss Extracts

Extracts are generally found in all types of skincare products, but the kind of extracts used and how they are obtained make a big difference in the effectiveness of a skincare formula. Luzern uses plants grown in the harsh alpine climate tend to have a higher concentration of nutrients, like antioxidants that fight the effects of free radicals in the environment that lead to aging skin. The Bio-Swiss harvesting and extraction process used to remove these substances from the plants and place them into the skincare formulas preserves their integrity and their nutritional content.

Pure Processes

Once the ingredients have been identified and obtained, using the highest quality possible in the process, it is time to put the ingredients together into effective skincare formulas. Many companies add potentially harmful chemicals during this process to act as preservatives and additives. However, Luzern hand mixes their formulas, without adding chemicals like parabens, synthetic preservatives and fragrances to the combination. The pure process results in Luzern skincare products appropriate for even the most sensitive skin types, without worry over irritation or an allergic reaction.

Product Line

The Luzern skincare line consists of three product categories that provide everything you need to maintain a beautiful, glowing complexion. The Daily Protection line packs a powerful punch against environmental free radicals, with an SPF 30 and a healthy boost of antioxidants. The peptides in the mix also stimulate collagen production so skin stays softer, smoother and younger-looking.

The Luzern Daily Essentials are designed to provide you with daily care that meets most of your skincare needs. The products offer serious active ingredients like oxygen, vitamin C and botanicals that stimulate cell renewal and promote detoxification for a healthy glowing complexion. Cleansers and a variety of treatment options provide everything you need to address your specific skin needs every single day. Finally, Luzern provides a line of serums used to treat specific skin concerns with a high concentration of active ingredients in formulas designed to penetrate and treat.

Luzern is a skincare company that combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with Swiss extracts for maximum benefit. To find Luzern products, check out the Luzern website or talk to your spa representative.