M.D. FORTE Skin Care Products

M.D. FORTE is a comprehensive alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) skin care system. Only M.D. FORTE products offer glycolic acid (an AHA naturally derived from sugar cane) combined with the process of partial neutralization. This allows us to create skin care products with a significantly higher concentration of glycolic acid with a pH closer to that of normal skin which helps to minimize irritation. We also offer several non-AHA products for more sensitive or vulnerable skin. So whatever your skin type, you can enjoy maximum results with less irritation that is part of a personalized regimen to cleanse, renew, hydrate and protect your skin.

M.D. FORTE is brought to you by Allergan, Inc. With headquarters in Irvine, California, Allergan is a global specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and markets innovative products for the eye care, neuromodulator, skin care and other specialty markets. DrSkinSpa.com has a selection of M.D. FORTEproducts that can't be beat whether you're looking for cleanser, exfoliant, eye cream, acne treatment or face moisturizer.

MD Forte Uses AHAs for Beautiful Results

MD Forte is a skincare line offered by Allergan, Inc., the company that also brought us Botox. With a history of effective skincare options under its belt, it stands to reason that MD Forte would offer potent formulas for customers to enjoy at home.

Indeed, MD Forte is a company that provides a variety of glycolic acid-based cleansers, moisturizers and skin treatments that offer excellent results. Customers can find MD Forte skincare products through physicians or some online retailers.

About the Company

The maker of MD Forte, Allergan, is a California-based pharmaceutical company that markets a wide range of products including skin care. Cosmetic procedures like Botox and a variety of wrinkle fillers are some of the products Allergan is best known for, but the growing popularity of MD Forte is bringing this product line to the attention of many doctors and clients. Allergan purchased MD Forte from Herald Pharmacal about 15 years ago, and since that time, Allergan has introduced many other formulas to the MD Forte lineup.

About the Ingredients

The base ingredient of all the MD Forte products is glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that has been shown to provide a wealth of benefits to the skin. This substance is an exfoliating ingredient that effectively sloughs off dead, dry skin cells, leaving younger, smoother skin underneath. Alpha hydroxy acids also help the skin retain moisture, which results in a younger complexion.

The product website claims that MD Forte skincare combines the potency of glycolic acid with the process of partial neutralization that allows for higher concentrations of glycolic acid – and greater potency – without the risk of skin irritation. For sensitive skin that cannot handle any exposure to glycolic acid, MD Forte offers a non-AHA product line as well.

About the Products

The MD Forte facial cleanser is the first step in a complete skincare system. Cleansers come in three different strengths to help patients tailor their products to their specific skin type. Level I is typically prescribed to patients who have never used glycolic-acid based products or who have particularly sensitive skin. Level III is the most potent formula with a 30% glycolic acid base and is appropriate for all skin types with a doctor's recommendation.

MD Forte renewal lotion products are specifically designed to combat the effects of aging, including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Like the MD Forte facial cleanser, these formulas are graded in terms of potency, allowing a doctor and patient to customize the skincare regimen to the patient's specific skin type. The renewal line also includes an eye cream with retinol and antioxidants to treat the fine lines and wrinkles that commonly appear around the eye area. It should be noted that the products available through retailers do not offer the same concentration as those available through doctor's offices.

MD Forte utilizes the power of glycolic acid to effectively cleanse, moisturize and treat a wide range of skin types and needs. The most potent solutions are only available through a doctor's office, but you can also find gentler options in MD Forte through stores and online retailers.