Science in Skincare: Supplamine
  • Supplamine prevents skin damage in two distinct ways: by preventing the development of toxic sugars and neutralizing the toxic sugars in our systems.
  • MEG 21 products with Supplamine: prevent skin aging and wrinkling; stop glycation, inflammation, and oxidative stress; boost collagen production; target toxic sugars in skin; and even tone skin and reverse the appearance of aging skin.
  • MEG 21 with patented age-reversing Supplamine® attacks each of these conditions resulting in major skin improvement. 
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Meg 21 Redness Relief 1oz
MEG 21 Redness Relief 1oz

This product line is a branch of Dynamis Skin Science Company, long known for their superior skills in skin treatment. Dynamis Skin Science Company is a division of Dynamis Therapeutics, Inc., a pharmaceutical company founded in 1997 by a group of scientists initially specializing in cancer. Right off the bat, the company was supported by numerous investors, the Ben Franklin Technology Center, and the National Institute of Health. They saw great potential for the business and had very high hopes. Not long after, meg 21 face cream showed up on the scene.

Meg 21 face treatment specifically has proven to be a pioneer in the area of anti-aging. With these formulas, you’re receiving the most powerful treatments available without the prescription or any invasive procedures. If you think those are the only methods that bring about dramatic, long-lasting changes to the health and quality of your skin, think again! This line works faster than most skin care formulas, providing results in as quickly as four weeks. The moisturizing and smoothing effects are almost instant. Because its ingredients are safe and reliable, the Meg21 products are suitable for men and woman of all skin types. Subsequent redness and irritation are no more. And it’s not just for your face, either. These formulas are also great for you neck, chest, upper arms, and hands—all areas that are also prone to skin imperfections.

Meg 21 basically halts the aging process by stopping the glycation process and delivering a sufficient dose of amino acids and amino sugars through a liposomal system. This is how the formulas are able to penetrate the epidermis and get to the root cause of skin flaws like lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne, and more. The best way to eliminate a problem is to stop it right where it starts—not after it has already developed and grown. By delivering these ingredients through the liposomal system, the amino acids and amino sugars in meg 21 skin care  break apart and disperse themselves throughout your skin for better and quicker absorption. Most skin care products merely sit on the top layer of your skin and do nothing. Meg21 has found a way to counter this completely.

Meg21 has done the research to know forward and back how the products work. During a study done with 250 people, not a single one experienced any kind of negative reaction after application. It’s blatantly obvious here that even if you normally suffer from any sort of skin sensitivities or allergies, you’re totally safe with meg 21 with supplamine. Further research conducted has revealed that our bodies produce something called 3-deoxyglucosone (3DG) that leads to aging, a collagen decrease, and elasticity depletion. While most 3GD is sweated out, some remains behind.

Does none of this sound familiar? That makes sense, because no other company has tested this and no one else has created their formulas to counter it…except Meg21. Why go with another product that doesn’t address this when you can choose a formula that covers you from every direction? Give meg 21 eye treatment a shot and enjoy the improvements!