Moisturizing lotions  and moisturizing products for Dry Skin

If your skin is dry, then you know how irritating and uncomfortable it can feel.  You can actually see flakes of skin, like dandruff, accumulating and falling off when you wipe a dry towel over it.  Your skin (or patches of it) will be red.  You will find yourself scratching more and more because dry skin is itchy.

This is just how your body reacts to dry skin.  Dry skin on your face is just plain embarrassing.  Not only will it be itchy and red, but wrinkles will develop more quickly on skin that is parched. 

The skin’s enemies, the ones that cause and aggravate your dryness in the first place, are excess heat that sucks out your skin’s moisture.  Think hot showers, the sun, dry air, harsh soaps and other moisture-wicking environments and products. 

Another enemy is the natural aging process.  As we get on in years, our skin’s natural oils get depleted.  Goodbye moisture and hello dryness.  Your oil glands stop sending out enough moisture to lubricate the skin after a certain amount of time.  Also working against your skin may be your diet.  A lack of the proper amounts of Vitamins A and B can add to dry skin conditions.  Your genetic background may predispose you to having dry skin and wrinkles early on.  Some skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or seborrhea mean dry skin. 

Your skin can also be parched due to a thyroid condition, diabetes or other serious ailments, so it may be worth a trip to the doctor if your dry skin is especially intense.  It can also be due to drugs you are taking, such as antihistamines or diuretics.  While these are helpful medications, they can be enemies of your skin.

So who or what are friends to your dry skin?  What can help alleviate your condition and stave off lines, wrinkles and irritations?  The simple answer is moisturizing lotions.  The more complex answer lies in the moisturizing products that are best for your skin.

Moisturizing skin care products are the best friends your dry skin can have.  Dry skin is a loss of moisture.  You need to replenish that lost moisture and keep it in.  You want a moisturizing skin product that will penetrate deeply and help your skin feel smooth, luxurious and relieved all at once.  No more flaking, no more redness, and no more itching will be your main goals.  A wonderful secondary goal as a result of moisturizing skin will be a lessening of wrinkles! 

There are some wonderful moisturizing lotions available today.  However, the ones that work best for your skin without being harsh are the moisturizing lotions that contain all natural ingredients.  Look for moisturizing products that contain botanical-based oils, such as the oils of avocadoes, almonds, jojoba and soybeans.  Also search for moisturizing skin care creams that have added vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids to replenish moisture.  There are a few natural oils that are rich in fatty acids.  Ageless Derma is one company that makes organic moisturizing lotions of this nature.

Even before turning to your moisturizing lotions, though, think about the cleansers you use on your skin.  If you’re using bar soaps that strip the skin of its natural oils, you need to turn to a more moisturizing skin cleanser.  Again, look for almond oil in your moisturizing skin cleanser.  Almond oil is extremely rich in fatty acids, specifically oleic and linoleic fatty acids.  These are essential fatty acids that your skin requires to achieve that full, youthful look. As the essential fatty acids are depleted with age, the cell membranes of your skin are affected.  The skin becomes thinner and drier.  Almond oil will moisten the skin, protect the oils from escaping, and make it feel smooth and conditioned.  You create a new moisturizing skin barrier with the help of almond oil.  The almond oil in a quality moisturizing skin care cleanser will make the product glide onto your skin. There is no more luxurious feeling than that.  And the scent of almond is very pleasing! 

Another thing to think about when looking for your dry skin’s cleanser is to check the pH of the cleanser.  Optimal would be a pH of about 8.5.  Anything more acidic would only make your skin more prone to dryness.  Ageless Derma Moisturizing Body Cleanser is a great moisturizing product for cleansing your skin, the first step toward a better skin care regime.  It contains bitter almond oil, hydrolyzed collagen (amino acids) and has a pH of 8.5.