Natural skin care for acne skin, Natural skin care for dry skin, Natural skin care for oily skin

It’s Time to Let Nature Solve Your Skin Issues

Letting Mother Nature solve your skin issues does not mean just “letting nature take its course” and leaving things to sort themselves out.  Anyone with skin-related problems will tell you that doing nothing will not work.  You need help!

Whether you have acne, dry or oily skin,  hyperpigmentation or highly sensitive skin, you will find that there is a product to solve your problem.  Every skin care product must have an ingredient label on it.  You must read this label, as this is where you discover what it is you are getting ready to put onto your skin.  Are there harsh chemicals, cancer-causing ingredients or artificial fragrances in that jar that will hurt you? 

There are some skin care products that are actually harmful to you.  They are not natural, so they don’t belong on your skin.  For example, petrochemicals are petroleum-based substances.  They can harm your blood, your kidneys, nerves and spinal cord.  They can even cause cancer.  These dangerous chemicals can be found in some synthetic dyes placed in cosmetic products in addition to other petrochemicals.

Parabens are not natural.  They are preservatives used in many skin care products to lengthen the products’ shelf life.  They can cause cancer.  Look for ingredients that end with the word “paraben” and you will know it is there.  Phthalates are a very toxic ingredient in some skin care creams.  If your label contains Dibutylphthalate, beware.  This is an unnatural thing to place on your body.  It works to help the cream or lotion absorb into the skin quickly, but is it worth your health to do so?

Make a conscious decision to only choose skin care products that are made from natural ingredients.  They work well, often even better than chemically engineered ingredients can.  There are many more skin care items you can purchase these days that are naturally made because people are so much more aware of their health.  They also realize that you don’t need chemicals in order to achieve the look you want in your skin.  Nature was made to help you on your way to beauty and youth.

Natural skin care for acne skin need not include unhealthy ingredients in order to work.  Botanically-based ingredients used in a natural skin care for acne skin product will reduce acne breakouts and inflammation as the skin also heals.  Natural skin care for acne skin ingredients might include the antioxidants such as Vitamin C. 

Natural skin care for dry skin is even easier to achieve.  Many creams can claim natural skin care for dry skin that work exceedingly well without causing harm.  In fact, there are natural skin care for dry skin treatments  that are also great for sensitive skin.  Natural maple and Vitamins A and E work well as natural skin care for sensitive skin and dry skin at the same time.  Sweet or even bitter almond oil and licorice extract work well as natural skin care for dry skin as well as natural skin care for sensitive skin. 

You can find natural skin care for oily skin, too.  The perfect natural skin care for oily skin will control and limit your skin’s oil production using nature’s best products.  Natural skin care for oily skin may contain Nordhydroguaiaretic Acid, a botanical antioxidant compound that decreases oil production.  Ingredients like black walnut extract will help unclog pores in some natural skin care for oily skin products.

If your problem is dark spots or hyperpigmentation there is a natural skin bleaching product out there for you.  Natural skin bleaching can be accomplished by making your own concoction with lemons and other fruits. But this takes time and it can be tricky to get the recipe amounts down to a science.  It also will not work as well as a professionally made skin care product.  There are great natural skin bleaching creams you  can use, such as Ageless Derma Skin Brightener Cream, that contain an ingredient such as Belides.  Belides is made from the daisy flower.  It is scientifically proven to work in as little as two weeks to lighten liver spots and even out skin pigmentation.  Ingredients made up of mulberry and grape juices have also been shown to reduce the look of age spots in Ageless Derma’s cream.  Finally, Vitamin C is a wonderful addition to a natural skin bleaching cream and it also works as an antioxidant, making it natural skin care for acne skin also!