Natural anti aging skin care-Eminence product

Proper skincare is a lifetime pursuit and it is a major part of a healthy and productive lifestyle.  Whether you are younger and simply want to forestall the signs of aging, or you are looking in the mirror and noticing signs of lines, wrinkles, sagging and other surface blemishes, there are natural alternatives for solving aging skin issues whether your skin is wrinkle free or is showing the ravages of time.

There are natural skin care products that address skin-aging concerns, and they are able to nourish the skin with nutrients and moisture minus harsh chemicals, additives, colorants and fragrances.  Natural products contain fruit, vegetable, herbal and plant derivatives, which are grown and overseen under the strictest of environmental conditions, and they are free of harmful pesticides. Natural fruit and other natural products contain antioxidants and vitamins that combat free radicals that ravage the skin through the environment, pollution, and the UV rays of the sun.     

Natural skin care products are perfect for all skin types as there are no harmful or harsh chemicals used and even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits of skin care products formulated with natural ingredients.  One such example is a natural skin cleanser from the Eminence collection, Lemon Grass Cleanser, which removes dirt and excess oil while leaving the skin refreshed, clean and balanced.  Other important and natural cleansing ingredients include olive oil, Vitamin A, and wheat germ-all of which cleanse without drying the skin.  Natural skin toners such as eucalyptus oil leave the skin protected and refreshed. 

Many natural options are available for all skin types. Cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating are easily accomplished with gentle and effective natural products. Other natural ingredients found in fruit, vegetables, herbals, essential oils, and plant and marine extracts are beneficial for natural skin care, and they provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to nourish and protect the skin. Some other natural ingredients utilized in natural skin care products consist of honey (a natural humectant) that helps the skin retain moisture as well as soothe and cleanse.  Oils are another important ingredient found in natural skin care products.  Olive, coconut, wheat germ and safflower oils are all excellent sources for natural skin care.  These and other oils contain hydrating vitamins that soothe the skin and coconut oil alone promotes elasticity.  The skin is left supple and rejuvenated with most plant oils.

Another Eminence product, Apricot Calendula Nourishing Cream, softens the skin and infuses moisture into the skin cells.  Besides soothing and healing calendula, this natural product contains ingredients such as cocoa butter, Echinacea, apricot and flax seed.  Cocoa butter aids in skin elasticity; Echinacea protects the skin from free radical damage; apricot retains skin moisture and flax seed nourish the skin’s various layers.  With a product such as this, and others that contain pure fruit and vegetable ingredients, signs of aging can be reversed or at least minimized.  

Natural anti aging skin care is usually focused on the face and neck areas, but other areas of concern are the hands and lips.  The lips are often neglected, and they can show signs of aging with wrinkles above and below the lip line as well as actual lines, roughness and lack of fullness on their surface.  One product, Natural Ice (SPF 15) lip balm soothes and hydrates the lips.  Environmental factors, such as sun or wind exposure, can cause flaking and cracking to delicate lip tissue.  A medicated chapstick or a natural bee’s wax balm can protect the lips as well as leave a protective barrier on the surface.  In order to remove dry and cracked skin from the lips, a natural lip exfoliators such as white sugar, brown sugar, ground coffee can be used as needed to slough off dead tissue.  Just as with the lips, natural, anti aging hand care can be accomplished with ingredients such as lemon juice to combat and lighten age spots on the hands.  Other emollients and natural anti aging substances such as Argan , Zander, Almond, Coconut, Maracuja, Babassu and Grapeseed oils as well as Nutgrass Root and Phytessence Wakame, Matrixyl and Calendula Flower extract can soothe wrinkles and rough areas as well as plump up the skin of the hands so veins and thin skin are not as prominent.  Exfoliation of the hands is just as important as the lips and natural exfoliators such as sugar, honey olive oil and lemon juice are useful in removing dead skin and smoothing out rough areas.

There are natural anti aging products available to consumers, and they contain safe and effective ingredients that reduce and prevent the signs of aging.  With research and experimentation, anyone can find the right natural sources through natural skin care lines, or through individually designed products that specifically pinpoint aging skin issues.  No one has to suffer the ravages of aging skin with the limitless source of natural skin care products in today’s marketplace.