NeoStrata 15 AHA

There are several NeoStrata 15 AHA products available.  For example, there's NeoStrata gel plus, but there's also NeoStrata lotion plus. Each one has its own unique formula and benefits, even though they have the 15 AHA attribute in common.  But what exactly is 15 AHA and what is its significance when it comes to skin health?

 The “15” part of NeoStrata 15 AHA refers to the 15% glycolic acid content used in several of the NeoStrata products.  Glycolic acid is a form of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid).  Alpha hydroxy acids are natural substances that can improve skin health.  That's why there are multiple NeoStrata 15 AHA products, and why many other skincare products contain some form of AHA.

Glycolic Acid and Photoaging:

Glycolic acid is used in the NeoStrata 15 AHA products because it is so good at preventing photoaging.  Photoaging is the process by which the skin dries out, wrinkles, and looks and feels older because of too much exposure to sunlight.  That sun exposure will inevitably damage the skin, unless it is protected by skincare products, such as the NeoStrata AHA products.

How It Works:

The glycolic acid in NeoStrata 15 AHA products works because it is made up of very tiny molecules.  So, it can soak into the skin efficiently.  Once it is there, it loosens up the skin cells, allowing older, dead cells to break loose.  That lets the new, healthy cells grow and thrive.


NeoStrata 15 AHA products have several pros.  For instance, they can give the skin a healthier glow and shine.  They can even reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  On top of that, they can even strengthen the skin, reducing the rough, papery look that can come with aging or sun exposure.  In fact, AHAs are commonly used in chemical peels.


Unfortunately, NeoStrata 15 AHA products aren't perfect for everyone.  Those who have sensitive skin should definitely avoid them, since they can be quite harsh.  Even those who use NeoStrata AHA products are best off to ease into the process and allow their skin to get used to alpha hydroxy acids slowly.

Since NeoStrata 15 AHA products can be a bit harsh at first and irritate sensitive skin, it is best not to jump right into using them.  Consider all of your options carefully, before you decide to try AHA products.  You may even want to consult your doctor or dermatologist before trying them, if you have sensitive skin.