NeoStrata Eye Cream

The area around the eyes tends to be extra sensitive, and the skin is often thinner in that area as well.  That's why it is important to use a good moisturizing skin cream that is designed to be used around the eyes.  NeoStrata eye cream is one such cream that may be worth considering.

The NeoStrata health and beauty product line was formed based on researched done by Dr. Ruey J. Yu and Dr. Eugene J. Van Scott.  Both doctors have received various awards and commendations for their work with alpha hydroxy acids and polyhydroxy acids (AHAs and PHAs).  The doctors discovered that both substances are good for the skin, but they each have their own unique benefits.  For example, PHAs, such as the gluconolactone found in NeoStrata eye cream, tend to be less abrasive and irritating than AHAs.

Other Ingredients:

Gluconolactone is an important ingredient in NeoStrata Eye Cream because it protects the skin from UV rays and excessive metals, which may create unwanted skin pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines.  However, there are also several other important ingredients to consider.

For example, NeoStrata Eye Cream contains sodium hyaluronate.  Sodium hyaluronate is useful for treating a wide variety of skin conditions because it acts as a moisture magnet, or moisture sponge.  It sucks moisture towards the skin's cells and holds it there.  That moisture helps to keep the skin cells stronger and healthier.  Healthier individual skin cells mean that the skin will look better over all and have fewer unwanted wrinkles and lines.


Another ingredient in NeoStrata Eye Cream is pro vitamin B5, which is a derivative of vitamin B and is also known as panthenol.  Panthenol is responsible for lubricating the skin.  It also contains elements that promote even skin pigmentation.  So, it can make the skin appear to be smoother and softer, while also evening out the skin tone.

Vitamin E is also a key ingredient in NeoStrata Eye Cream.  Vitamin E acts almost as a guard, both repairing the skin and protecting it from future damage.  That is why it is a key component in many skincare products, including NeoStrata products.



Although NeoStrata Eye Cream is designed to be used on the sensitive skin around the eyes, it's important to apply it carefully and test it on a small area, before using it all around the eyes.  It is a hypoallergenic product and meant for any type of skin.  However, some people do find that it causes redness or irritation.