NeoStrata Lotion

If you are looking for a new skin lotion, you may be a bit confused by all of your options.  After all, there are many skin lotions on today's market.  One of them is called NeoStrata lotion, or NeoStrata smoothing lotion.  It is fragrance-free and specially formulated to make damaged or dry skin look and feel better.


NeoStrata lotion contains several useful active ingredients that each have specific benefits.  For example, it has 2% citric acid content.  It also contains 8% glycolic acid.  That combination provides quite a bit of protection from skin damage, especially damage caused by the sun. 

The citric acid in NeoStrata smoothing lotion also acts as an antioxidant.  Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals and pollutants, which would damage or destroy skin cells, causing wrinkles and other skin problems that nobody likes to have, especially as they get older.  The ingredients in NeoStrata are designed to fight all of those problems and encourage healthy skin cell growth.  So, applying NeoStrata lotion on a regular basis can help to strengthen your skin, making it look younger and healthier.

Treatable Conditions:

NeoStrata lotion can be used to treat various skin conditions.  To begin with, it acts as a moisturizer, hydrating the skin.  So, it can help to clear up dry skin.  Since it also strengthens skin cells, NeoStrata lotion can prevent or clear up certain signs of aging, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, or fine lines as well.

In addition to those uses, NeoStrata smoothing lotion acts as an exfoliant.  That means that it can unclog and clean out the skin's pores, making the skin smoother and softer.  Unclogging those skin pores can also improve the complexion and help to prevent acne outbreaks.

Using The Lotion:

Using NeoStrata lotion is fairly simple.  It simply needs to be applied to the hands, face, or body once a day for about 14 days.  After that, it can be used twice a day, as needed.


Since NeoStrata contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), it is not meant for sensitive skin.  It can cause irritation, burning, or discomfort.  Also, it's important to use proper sunscreen when going out in the sun, even though NeoStrata smoothing lotion provides some sun protection.


Although it's a good choice for some people, NeoStrata lotion isn't the perfect choice for everyone.  So, if you are looking for a good skin lotion, you should consider all of your options carefully before you purchase one.