New Anti Wrinkle Cream Formulations Effectively Diminishes Wrinkled Skin Look

Wrinkled skin is very difficult to cover up, even with the best make up. Skin loses its elasticity because of age and they sag and form wrinkles, deepening with time. For centuries, people have been trying to slow down aging and prevent wrinkles from forming. Skincare experts offer different anti wrinkle cream formulations with various ingredients including retinol and Argirelene.

Argirelene, with scientific name Acetyl hexapeptide-3 is a synthetic ingredient proven effective for its anti wrinkle properties. Lipotec, the research laboratory based in Barcelona markets the peptide Argirelene. The ingredient is used in anti aging cream preparations to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles especially around the eyes and on the forehead.

The chemical Argirelene works by inhibiting the contraction of facial muscles while frowning or smiling when applied to the face as an ingredient in an anti-wrinkle cream. The relatively new ingredient is composed of six amino acids that mimic the Botox effect, but not the pain and swelling from the injection. Argirelene is simply rubbed on the skin, relaxing skin muscles for a long time, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles.

The peptide complex Argireline is a patented product currently formulated in many anti aging cream and beauty products. Derived from natural proteins, the company claims the product produces a Botox-like effect without the pain and discomfort. Both Botox and Argireline work by relaxing the muscles of the face effectively minimizing wrinkles brought about by constant muscle contractions and prevent the formation of new ones.

anti aging cream by doctor-formulated Ageless Derma products use Argirelene as a main ingredient in the right concentrated solutions for maximum effect. The peptide developed through cutting edge technologies is used by Ageless Derma in serums, eye creams and anti wrinkle cream products.

Argireline is a fairly new ingredient which quickly gained popularity as the effect of its use has been observed to be comparable to Botox but lower priced, less risky, less painful and without the possible side effects associated with injections. Therefore, users prefer the anti wrinkle cream formulation over Botox. Moreover, the Botox effectiveness is limited to the small section where it is injected, while Argirelene has a more widespread coverage and longer lasting.

Aging is inevitable, but while still possible, wrinkling can be avoided and its onset delayed. anti aging cream with Argirelene, besides relaxing muscles, helps in softening the skin and boosting the production of natural collagen, and this is accomplished without the needles used in Botox procedures. The topical application of Argirelene through many different products in the market mimics Botox’s relaxing properties, without the inconveniences and pain associated with the procedure.

As a cosmeceutical product, Argirelene has gone through extensive research for safety and has been proven to be potent and effective. Human volunteer studies proved the superior anti wrinkle properties of Argireline with a decrease of 17% of severe wrinkles in the eye area after 15 days of continuous treatment and up to 27% visible reduction in wrinkles after 30 days of treatment. These studies are remarkable with regards to speedy anti-wrinkle activity and were recognized as a breakthrough in the skincare industry circles. However, the long term use of Argireline remains unknown.

The hexapeptide Argireline is completely organic and as such helps in restoring the skin’s softness and vitality while working on wrinkle reduction. The product when used in an anti aging cream is comparable to Botox but without the pain and side effects that people who went through Botox experienced as the application of Argireline is topical.

The amazing hexapeptide is now widely used as an ingredient in Ageless Derma anti aging cream and anti wrinkle products. They offer a 30-day risk free trial for Skin care products and eye cream containing Peptides, Vitamins A, B, K and E, Collagen, Retinol and Argireline. They also have a newsletter and will answer questions or concerns regarding the ingredients used in anti aging cream products.

Topically applied, Argireline in anti aging cream preparations can be used to target specific areas of the face where wrinkles are found. Its muscle relaxing properties prevent the formation of deep lines when smiling or frowning while reducing the appearance of old wrinkles. The response of the facial muscles to the peptide is swift and effective; the message to the facial muscles from the brain to tense up is blocked by Argirelene, keeping the facial muscle relaxed. Unlike injections and chemical preparations, the naturally derived peptide with 6 amino acids works gently on the skin, reducing the possibility of adverse side effects and skin damage. Because Argireline has been tested thoroughly on human volunteers, it has been proven effective and safe.