How to Choose Oily skin care Products-Oily Skin Cleanser-oily skin cream

There are a few different types of facial complexions.  There is sensitive skin, for starters.  But the most commonly talked about complexions involve oily skin and dry skin.  Both oily and dry skin types have their separate issues.  Those with dry skin tend to exhibit lines and wrinkles sooner than those with oily skin.  Dry skin sufferers can feel that their skin is itchy, irritated or red at times. 

On the other hand, people with oily skin may wrinkle a bit later, but they tend to have more problems with acne and blemishes.  They can have shiny or greasy-looking faces because of the excess oils that are being produced.  Their pores can become clogged with oil and dirt and be more difficult to keep clean, creating those undesirable blemishes.  Those with oily skin are not immune to wrinkles.  If makeup and other impurities cannot be properly cleansed and your pores remain clogged with oils, wrinkles can develop sooner than you may have hoped.

Both oily and dry skin are common skin issues.  Dry skin can usually be treated well enough with the appropriate moisturizing creams, cleansers and lotions.  Staying out of the sun and avoiding lingering hot showers also help alleviate dryness.  With dry skin, having a bit of shine and glow on your face is not a problem; it’s more of a goal.  But if you already have shiny skin due to an oil problem, what can you do to get the oil out and prevent a buildup leading to acne and wrinkles?

The first step to combating oily skin is to use the proper oily skin care products.  Begin by finding a great oily skin cleanser.  You want to get rid of excess oils, but don’t be fooled into using a harsh soap with chemical ingredients to do so.  You may think, the stronger the cleanser, the better.  Think again.  You’ll want to use something gentle, something natural, in order to remove excess oils, but not strip you of your natural oils completely.  Opt, instead, for an oily skin cleanser that contains all natural ingredients.  You will want to balance out the oils in your skin and let your face glow naturally, not shine with greasiness.  Gentle and natural are the key words when it comes to good oily skin care products. 

Look for Coenzyme-Q10, a powerful antioxidant that allows your oily skin cleanser to work deeply.  This is a coenzyme that your own body makes.  Your oily skin cleanser should also contain a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.  Glycolic acid does a great job of exfoliating, leaving your skin looking bright, not greasy.  Glycolic acid heals acne scarring, lessens any wrinkling that may be coming, and evens out your skin tone.  You will be shining, but in a good way!

Also look for natural aloe juice in your oily skin care products, especially the cleanser.  The amino acids and enzymes in aloe juice will improve the circulation of your skin.  Ageless Derma Anti Aging Glycolic Facial Gel Cleanser has all of the above ingredients plus soluble collagen to bring bounce and structure back to your face.  You will be glowing from within with this oily skin cleanser.

Do you need an oily skin cream if you don’t have dry skin?  The answer is yes!  Just because you have excess oils on your skin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect it, especially with a sunscreen.  You can find an oily skin cream that will not feel greasy, but will sink into your skin instead of lying on top of it.   Find an oily skin cream that does not contain excessive oils in the ingredients list.

Follow up your cleansing routine on a regular basis with a quality clay masque for oily skin.  You will want a masque that will withdraw impurities from your clogged pores, including those excess oils.  A great clay masque will help with renewed skin cell regeneration.  Toxins such as oils and dirt can create bacteria in the skin follicles, leading to acne.  A regular skin cleansing routine paired with regular masques will keep your skin free of dirt and oil.  Look for a masque with natural ingredients such as minerals and vitamins.  Also good things to include in a naturally derived masque are plant extracts, rice particles for exfoliating, and any other natural ingredients that can draw away toxins from the skin and exfoliate to have your true skin shine through.