In 1993, a woman named Francine Edmund Porter founded Osmotics Cosmeceuticals.  She had a couple of clear goals in mind at that time.  One of those goals was to streamline the process by which women chose their cosmetics, making sure that they didn't use too many products at once, as well as that they didn't use the wrong products for their skin type.  She hoped to prevent women from damaging their skin further by using the very products that were supposed to help them repair their skin.

Francine's other goal was to completely revolutionize haircare and skincare products.  That goal led to the creation of Osmotics Cosmeceuticals.  Soon after the company was founded, they released several interesting products, including a Vitamin C transdermal patch.  Those creations eventually led to a complete line of products for all types of skin and hair issues.

Several Osmotics Cosmeceuticals products are designed to enhance skin tone.  One of those products is Osmotics Blue Copper 5.  As the name suggests, it includes active copper, which is clinically proven to create younger-looking skin.  It also contains penta-peptides, which are known to help the skin absorb moisture, making it well-hydrated and smoother.

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 is formulated to do more than just smooth out the skin.  It is also meant to increase elasticity and make the skin firmer, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  In some cases the use of Blue Copper 5 has been said to reduce the appearance of rosacea and reduce the amount of makeup that a woman needs to wear.

Other Osmotics Cosmeceuticals products have been designed for use on more sensitive areas, such as the skin under the eyes, which is thinner than skin in other areas.  One such product is Osmotics Eye Surgery.

Osmotics Eye Surgery is an Osmotics Cosmeceuticals product that focuses solely on under-eye treatment.  It is meant to make thin, puffy, or dark eyelids look younger and healthier.  In order to accomplish that goal, it utilizes a unique combination of peptides.

In fact, three different peptide technologies are used in the product.  It has been shown to have similar results after prolonged use to the results that one might see after eye surgery to remove unwanted sagging skin, discoloration, or related problems.

The entire Osmotics Cosmeceuticals line has been featured in several popular publications, and the company has received several awards as well.  It is constantly trying to make advancements in skincare, which is why more and more people are giving Osmotics Cosmeceuticals a try.