PCA Skin Facial Wash

Our faces go through a lot each day.  Our skin is exposed to wind, rain, snow, sun, pollutants, chemicals, and debris.  With each passing day, that debris adds up, and it can create more and more skin problems, such as acne and wrinkles.  PCA Skin Facial Wash was developed and specially formulated to help cleanse the skin and reverse some of those problems.

PCA Skin Facial Wash is a safe, effective, and gentle lactic acid-based formula.  Lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), is a natural compound that comes from sugar and milk.  It is known for its ability to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Other Ingredients:

There are also several other ingredients in PCA Skin Facial Wash, which all have skin benefits. One of those ingredients is aloe vera leaf juice.  Aloe vera is a soothing natural plant extract, which also acts as a skin softener

Another ingredient in PCA Skin Facial Wash is allantoin, which is an antioxidant.  Antioxidants cleanse the skin of impurities, toxins, and pollutants.  Allantoin also provides the added benefit of softening the skin.

In addition to those ingredients, the PCA Skin Facial Wash formula also includes salix nigra, which is more commonly known as willow bark extract.  Like aloe vera, it works as a soothing agent, relaxing the skin and making it feel more healthy.


PCA Skin Facial Wash can be used on the body as well as the face, although it is mainly meant for the face.  All it takes is a small dollop (about the size of a dime) to create an effective, foaming lather.  Warm water should then be used to rinse off the lather and the area should be gently patted dry.

PCA Skin Facial Wash should be used along with other PCA Skin products, such as toners and treatment serums, for the maximum effectiveness.  In fact, combining it with PCA Skin Acne Gel can provide a great treatment for acne outbreaks.  PCA Skin Acne Gel contains Azelaic Acid, along with several natural ingredients that support skin health and skin tone.  Some of those ingredient are licorice root extract, ginger root, and cinnamon bark.

PCA Skin Facial Wash, PCA Skin Acne Gel, and other PCA Skin products are developed by experts for maximum effectiveness with minimum side effects or irritations.  When PCA Skin products are combined as part of a daily skincare routine, they have been proven to reduce acne outbreaks and improve skin quality.