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Phytomer OLIGOFORCE ADVANCED Wrinkle and Dark Spot Correction Moisturizing Serum with OLIGOMER 30ml

Item #: PHY63
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Wrinkle and Dark Spot Correction Moisturizing Serum with OLIGOMER®

Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Dark Spot Moisturizing Booster

OLIGOFORCE ADVANCED micro-emulsion contains two active flagship marine ingredients: OLIGOMER® concentrated sea water and Marine Eternal blue micro-algae to target dark spots and wrinkles. Its dewy texture, combining all the comfort of an oil and the effectiveness of a serum, envelops the skin in light and delivers intense hydration. Day after day, skin is radiant, dark spots are reduced and wrinkles are smoothed away.

Scientific innovations


Marine Eternal an extract from the age-old blue micro-alga Phormidium, an incredible marine gem that has been on Earth for billions of years. Cultivated at the PHYTOMER marine biotechnology center in photo-bioreactors, it can develop in conditions very close to its natural environment and keep its protective antioxidant properties intact - properties that have ensured its longevity for thousands of years. 
PHYTOMER scientists have selected this biotechnological ingredient for its outstanding biomimetic ability to delay skin aging. Éternelle Marine owes its survival and longevity to a highly developed photo-protection mechanism that it has developed to adapt to the extreme conditions of life. This defense system is based on Thioredoxin, a potent antioxidant molecule found naturally in the skin. Once deposited on the skin, Éternelle Marine is able to stimulate the natural synthesis of Thioredoxin, by a biomimetic effect, for enhanced antioxidant protection.

Active ingredients

Marine Eternal: Increases the production of Thioredoxins, natural anti-oxydant defense proteins in the skin, to provide an efficient anti-oxydant* and anti-inflammatory* protection to prevent wrinkles and dark spots.

OLIGOMER®: Stimulates cell vitality for a remineralized, strengthened and healthier skin, more resistant to external aggression.

*In-vitro test on the ingredient.

Professional advice

"Can be applied under your favorite day or night cream to give maximum youthful results."

UPC: 3530019004272
Item Number: PHY63
Manufacturer: PHYTOMER
Manufacturer Part No: OVV330

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