Products for dry skin on face-products for sensitive skin

 Know Your Skin Type Before You Go Shopping

It sounds like a no-brainer:  know your skin type before you go out and spend money on a skin care product.  But, believe it or not, not everyone gets this right.  Some people who have had oily skin all through their youth, for example, become stuck on believing that this is their skin type for life.  But things change as we get older.  Oily skin can become dry; dry skin can get oilier; any skin type can become more sensitive.  In order to buy the right products for face or body, you need to know what your skin is doing.

Let’s take a closer look at dry skin first.  The symptoms of dry skin can vary but they become pretty obvious with time.  Your face may feel tight, especially after you’ve showered or bathed.  You can feel tightness in your skin; it may even appear to shrivel in spots or look dehydrated, even as though it is shrinking.  A lack of moisture causes this.  Your skin will look rough instead of smooth, and you can feel the difference.  If your skin is itchy for no apparent reason (no bug bites, no rash as in poison ivy), then it may be due to dry skin.  You will begin to see cracks or lines in your skin, especially around the thinner skin near your eyes.  This area tends to become dry the earliest.  Also, your skin will have red patches here and there that may or may not be very itchy.  If nothing else, the redness is not pretty to look at.  Your skin may also be peeling or flaky, with little bits of skin coming off like dandruff. 

If you exhibit any or some of the above symptoms, you may very likely have dry skin.  If this is the case, you need to look at products for dry skin on face and/or body.  Needing products for dry skin on face can be a surprise for some of us who have always had oily skin from their teens on into their twenties.  But as we get older, our body’s hormones start to change as a natural element of the process of aging.  Our skin’s natural moisturizing factor diminishes with time.  The skin is unable to hold in moisture on its own very well once the natural moisturizing factor declines with age.  The skin holds in less moisture and it tends to dry out. 

Dry skin shows up on your face in the form of wrinkles, lines, red patches and roughness.  At this point (or ideally even much earlier), you need products for dry skin on face, neck and body to alleviate symptoms and rebuild the moisture barrier.  Dry skin products for face are great as they make your skin feel smoother, moisturized and the very good dry skin products for face issues work as wonderful anti aging devices, ridding you of lines and wrinkles due to dryness.

If you have oily skin, you probably know it.  Your face is shiny, even greasy-looking.  Your pores are usually large or medium-sized and you probably have acne due to overactive oil production clogging your pores.  Hormones play a role too especially during the teen years and even during pregnancy.  Oily skin usually turns to dryer skin later in life, but there can be exceptions, of course.  Products for skin that is oily are usually free of oils or contain lighter oils than products for skin that is dry.  Products for skin that is oily are made with ingredients that will not clog pores.

Your skin is sensitive if it becomes easily inflamed.  You may be prone to acne, to rosacea, or to burning or stinging feelings on the skin with certain products for face or body.  Even certain weather conditions can cause you to break out in a rash, get eczema or have irritation.  Those with sensitive skin need skin care products for sensitive skin.  Skin care products for sensitive skin need to be gentler than other products for skin in order to minimize the irritation that may result.  If you are looking for products for sensitive skin, such as makeup that will not irritate you, look into a makeup line that is made with sensitive skin types in mind.  Ageless Derma Mineral Makeup has all natural ingredients that make this one of the perfect products for sensitive skin.  Ageless Derma’s makeup is anti-inflammatory and is recommended for those with rosacea or eczema.