The Refinity Skin Solutions system, which includes an in-office peel and an at-home regimen, allows dermatologists to deliver maximum medical strength results without irritating the skin or causing discomfort to the patient. Used in both office and at-home settings, the Refinity COSMEDERM-7 Foundation includes a high-performance AHA skincare system that has been formulated with a patented, non-irritant called COSMEDERM-7.

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Refinity Skin Solutions by Cosmederm

The Refinity COSMEDERM-7 Skin Solutions system begins with an in-office peel that is designed to accelerate exfoliation, and it is then followed up with at-home products to deliver maximum results. The office peel is a 70 percent glycolic acid peel that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the skin's texture and tone. And unlike typical cosmetic peels, the Refinity COSMEDERM-7 Skin Solutions peel causes little irritation to the skin due to the patented COSMEDERM-7 anti-irritant. Make no doubt about it, though: the Refinity Skin Solutions peel with COSMEDERM-7 produces dramatic results, even after the first peel. Read More about Cosmederm.