Remergent Skin Care Products

Formulated by AGI Dermatics, Remergent takes restorative skincare products to an entirely new level with breakthrough scientific DNA repair that has been proven to preserve and restore healthy skin. Remergent products were created to bridge the gap between current skincare and therapies used in dermatology. These products encourage and stimulate self-healing and reverse skin cell dysfunction. Patients ultimately see positive long term effects through the use of Remergent's products that repair, restore, and prevent further cell and skin damage. Each Remergent skincare product is unique in its own way and specially formulated to deliver results for many different skin conditions.

Through scientific research in photobiology and DNA repair, the biotechnology used in Remergent's patented liposome delivery systems combine select ingredients and botanicals to infuse active components into skin cells to repair damage, restore healthy skin response, and truly prevent future injury to skin cells.

Each of the eleven non-prescription products has unique properties that were created to perform a specific skincare function. DNA Repair Formula, an Age Retaliator Serum, for example, works specifically to reduce the signs of collagen degradation and encourage the skin's DNA repair mechanisms to self-correct. The Microcirculation Therapy, a Skin Stimulating Cream, contains exclusive ingredients that reduce the signs of under-eye circles and calms sensitive and irritated skin conditions. The Complete Cleanser, a pH-balanced Conditioning Wash, thoroughly cleans and removes makeup and prepares skin for treatment results. Other Remergent products, such as Barrier Repair Formula, offer moisturizing, while the Antioxidant Refoliator is used to replenish nutrients to the skin after a facial peel has been performed.

The creators of Remergent products know and understand that exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun is responsible for nearly all of the signs and symptoms of premature aging. Based on this information, Remergent products were developed with a unique molecular delivery system that physically inserts repair enzymes into liposomes at the cellular level to repair skin damage like no other product can.

There are several Key Performance Ingredients that were exclusively designed, allowing Remergent skin care products can work to restore skin to a healthier state and reverse the signs of aging. Some of these key ingredients include Photosomes, proven to prompt epidermal cells to accelerate lipid production and firm the collagen layer. Roxomes contain a repair enzyme from the mustard plant which protects the skin from free radical damage. No matter which Remergent products are recommended for you, after continuous use, you will see what a difference the ingredients can make on your skin.Browse and shop from our entire line of Remergent skin care products.