Help!  My Makeup Hurts My Skin!

If the title you just read sounds like one of your daily complaints, you need some help, indeed.  Sensitive skin can really hurt.  It can burn, itch, feel very irritated, look red and turn your skin into a rash.  It can make your skin tingle, swell, develop spots, hives, or acne.

If you have any of the symptoms of sensitive skin, it’s important to try and figure out what your skin is reacting to.  Through trial and error, you can probably figure out what is disturbing your skin and what sensitive skin treatment you might pursue to help prevent further problems.

Certain sensitive skin products can remedy your problem but first try to figure out what is causing your discomfort.  But before we even get to that, let’s first look at what lies at the root of sensitive skin on face issues. 

One common sensitive skin on face cause is due to allergies.  You could be allergic to certain foods, like chocolate, that tend to make your face break out.  Strawberries are another common food allergen that can react negatively with sensitive skin.  But makeup is also a big problem for some people.  You can be allergic to certain makeup ingredients, especially if your skin is sensitive to begin with.  Put two and two together: if you put on makeup and shortly thereafter your face breaks out, you may be reacting to the eye shadow, the foundation, or any other makeup. 

You may just be genetically predisposed to having sensitive skin.  If you have other family members with similar issues, it could be genetic.  Clinical studies have shown a link between sensitive skin and those whose skin is light-toned as opposed to darker skin pigments.  Your body makeup just may not be genetically correct for you, so to speak.

If you have a poor digestive system, that can actually affect your skin, causing inflammation that shows up inside and outside the body.  And if you tend to be constipated with a slow digestive system, more toxins stay in your body for a longer period of time, causing skin eruptions. 

Problems with your thyroid can have you seeking out sensitive skin face products.  Thyroid imbalances can cause skin to be dry in addition to other more serious symptoms. 

Whatever the cause of your sensitive skin on face may be, it’s time to rule out any serious health conditions and find the right sensitive skin products to help you heal, look and feel better.  The right sensitive skin treatment should not have any harsh fragrances.  Many people with sensitive skin react negatively to chemical fragrances as an allergen.  Fragrances in creams and makeup generally contain chemicals that your skin will not react kindly too, especially if you are sensitive.  Some sensitive skin products will either have no added fragrance or a natural fragrance, such as a fruit- or plant-based scent, which should be fine for most people.  Check the ingredients label and be sure there are no fragrances that are chemically-based or synthetic.

Avoid formaldehyde-based preservatives.  What, you may ask?  Ingredients listed as diazolidinyl urea or quaternium-15, for example, are formaldehyde-based and may cause sensitive skin on face to react badly.

If you have sensitive skin, try to avoid sodium lauryl surfates (SLS).  These are foaming agents found in some cleansers that are irritating for those with sensitive skin.  They may cause inflammation, just what you need to avoid when removing your makeup for the day.

Remember that sensitive skin on face or on your body can easily become inflamed, causing an acne eruption or a rash.  You need to choose sensitive skin face products that have anti-inflammatory agents in them.  The more natural the agents are, the better for your skin.  Anti-inflammatory agents may include green tea extracts, excellent for calming the skin down.  Green tea extracts can also work to slow down the aging process, a definite plus as far as sensitive skin treatment goes. 

Sensitive skin face products, particularly makeup, can be found in Ageless Derma Mineral Makeup.  This makeup is composed of natural minerals and anti-inflammatory green tea extracts.  It is free of parabens, and contains vitamins A and E.  The Ageless Derma loose foundation mineral makeup contains natural lavender aromatherapy, a known calming agent.  Lavender calms the body and can even help you rest at night.  It is the perfect antidote to chemical fragrances that irritate sensitive skin.