The importance of skin exfoliation your skin with best exfoliating cream

Skin exfoliation is naturally occurring process whereby dead skin cells are naturally removed and replaced by new skin cells. Although it’s a natural process it’s beneficial for our skins if we help them along by doing some exfoliation ourselves.

Some skins exfoliate slower than others and are worse off for it. For example oily skin has a hard time of getting rid of its dead skin cells due to the fact that it produces too much oil. It gets even worse because the skin ends up being blocked and causing pimples and black heads. When skin cannot exfoliate efficiently you can expect unhealthy dull looking skin as it is not getting a chance to renew itself well enough.

There are some skins that do not necessarily benefit from exfoliating such as sensitive skin or skin that has a certain disorder. If you exfoliate your skin with disorders it is just going to make the problem worse. So before embarking on skin exfoliation  cream regime make sure that your skin will benefit from it and not be the worse for wear.

Apart from exfoliating skin that should not be exfoliated in the first place others also end up using the wrong exfoliation cream to do it. There are some harsh items that will not be good for your skin but will end up aggravating and inflaming it. Sloughing off dead skin need not be a rough and abrasive action it can be done mildly and successfully with silk mitts, soft wash clothes or mild scrubs and masks.

For healthy and glowing skin, exfoliation your skin is not the only process to invest time in. This should be part of a skin regime that is tailor made for your skin. Generally all skin types benefit from a nice and consistent skin regime that includes all the basics which are cleansing, toning, moisturizing, sun protection and a regular exfoliation and masking session.

Most people believe that a good skin regimen should involve good home skin care sessions and occasional professional treatments outside the home in spas. When it comes to home care make sure that whatever your skin type you have the right cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliate and sunscreen. To get access to a large selection of great skin products for your skin go to

Make sure that you cleanse your skin morning and evening before you go to bed no matter what. Cleansing skin is important because it removes any make-up, impurities, dead skin cells and oils that may have accumulated during the day or night. Generally cleansed skin should always feel balanced not too tight from dryness or oily from lingering sebum.

A good skin cleansing routine normally includes a thorough cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine.  The best skin cleansers are made from natural ingredients that efficiently cleanse the skins of dirt but also get rid of harmful bacteria and toxins.

Natural ingredients help the skin to absorb moisturizers more efficiently .Good cleanser should also contain moisturizers such as aloe vera and anti inflammatory ingredients such as chamomile. When cleansing always be gentle with the face; avoid over cleansing and keep from roughly rubbing and scrubbing the skin, gentle movements are best

Toners are normally used after thoroughly cleansing the skin to tighten up pores and ready your skin for moisturizer. Toners also get any remaining dirt off your face. The best skin toner to get is one that will do this without drying out the skin. It should be antibacterial, and also be able to restore the balance of your skin pH.

Another good quality is if it has AHAs in it to promote faster skin cells turnover while providing the proper base for your skin moisturizer to work at its optimum. A good toner should also reduce the pores and tighten the skin, a good ingredient to look out for when it comes to this is DMAE (Dimethlaminoethanol) which is organic and restores skin firmness and resilience as well.

Once toning is done with a good quality product go ahead to moisturize with the best type for your skin. This should be an anti aging product where possible and good ingredients to be included are those that diminish and keep off wrinkles and fine lines. Get one with anti oxidant properties as well to fight off those free radicals. A good sunscreen is greatly important to keep off those damaging sun rays and it should never be exempted. Some moisturizers have included a strong SPF sun screen in their product so that’s a bonus. Always make sure it’s a minimum of SPF 15.