Skin Products for Dry and Oily Skin Needs

The skin is the largest organ in the human body.  It is unlike any other organ because it is visible to the eyes. This organ protects our internal organs from harm each and every day.  It is important that we protect our skin, too.  Skin comes in various types—oily Skin, dry Skin, combination, and normal.  Due to the differences, each skin type cannot be treated equally so each product you put on your skin should be specially formulated for that skin type.   

If you have dry skin, it is caused by the loss of lipids, which when working properly, lock moisture inside the skin.  If that lipid layer is gone, then so is the moisture.  If you have white flakes, redness, burning, or rashes, chances are your skin is dry.  It is common for people to keep applying lotion to their dry skin.  Many of these moisturizers contain chemicals that can harm the skin even more.  Dry skin requires additional moisturizers in order to maintain the moisture levels.  Some of the recommended ingredients are actually nature-derived oils, like avocado, coconut, olive and almond, tea tree, and jojoba, to name a few.   Most people believe oil clogs pores.  This is not always the case.  Natural oils can provide the right amount of moisture to keep the skin healthy, without clogging the pores.    It is wise to steer clear of the products that are greasy and contain fake perfumes because that is what causes the breakouts. 

Your body produces sebum, which is the natural oil in the skin.  This oil is known to accumulate in excess quantities in the chin, nose, and forehead.  This oils creates a natural shine to the facial features.  This natural shine can lead to acne if treated properly.  Many women want to go “powder their nose”, but use of an incorrect product can cause clogging and acne breakouts.   The use of bar soaps can worsen the situation and cause even more skin problems.   A good cleanser that is formulated to cure oily skin is the answer to the problem.   The ideal product will contain salycic acid, which reduces oil production in the skin.  Another myth is that rubbing the oily skin area will decrease the oils, when it is actually found to increase the oils.  The proper way to cleanse an oily skin complexion is to gently rub a cleanser into the skin and rise with lukewarm water. 

Most people with oily skin will run away from moisturizers, thinking they will only clog the pores.  This is not accurate information.  If you have oily skin, it is wise to use moisturizer, but with specific guidelines. 

·         Stay away from the creams with heavy texture.

·         Oil-free skin creams are the best

·         Products that contain vitamin A and Sulfur are recommended.

·         Natural ingredients like licorice, lemon grass, lavender are effective for oily skin.

·          In the drying winter months, you will need to moisturize more than the summer months.

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