skin whitening

Skin whitening tips, from friends, Internet resources, or your dermatologist are not always the most effective for your skin condition, skin type, or skin care goals. Whether you're friend advises use of the skin whitening soap, a skin brightening lotion or cream, or something totally "out there", do your homework and research in order to find the best product that works on your skin, for your goals.

Just because a bottle or jar says "skin whitening" on it doesn't mean that it's totally effective. Any skin whitening soap should contain a number of basic ingredients that have been proven effective in lightning skin tone. Such ingredients include but are not limited to BioWhite, Alpha arbutin, and Belides.

Some of these ingredients are offered by Mother Nature herself, such as BioWhite and belides, culled from daisy flowers, mulberries, and grape juice extracts. And they work!  For example, extracts from grape juice and mulberries help reduce production of tyrosinase, an amino acid responsible for producing melanin in the skin. Melanin is a skin darkening agent that kicks into high drive after tanning or prolonged sun exposure.

Numerous vitamins such as a vitamin A, B, E and K are especially beneficial to helping not only protect, but lighten, nourish, and moisturize the skin. Niacinamide is rich in vitamin D, and provides the benefits as a skin lightener as well as an anti-inflammatory.

The bottom line is to know and understand at your skin and how it functions and protects itself. Skin whitening tips are great, but only if you understand the knowledge behind them. Whether you're using a skin whitening soap, a skin lightening lotion, a cream, a gel, or a body wash, make sure that you are getting the most effective ingredients that will provide the results you're looking for – every time you use it.