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If you’re like most women, you are looking to beat the clock against signs of aging in your facial area.  You are probably not in the market for cosmetic surgery, as that is a drastic and expensive move that most women cannot afford nor take the time or risk the danger of invasive surgery.

So, that leaves quite a few options still available to help reverse the aging timepiece on lines and wrinkles, sagging and other hallmarks of lost youth.  But the choices are not all equal.  It depends upon the ingredients being used and the results obtained, of course.  Look for an anti aging cream that has been scientifically proven to work.

There are some excellent Sothys lotion, Sothys cream  and Sothys mask that actually work to reverse signs of aging and even prevent future lines from occurring.  Most of the better anti aging skin care products use all natural ingredients.  Some of these creams are made up of peptides, various botanicals, vitamins, antioxidants and stem cells.  You don’t want to use an anti aging cream that contains dangerous parabens or use a lot chemicals or artificial ingredients.  This is your face we are talking about, and you want to treat that skin area very well.

One anti aging cream that works well is Sothys Intensive Serum.  Sothys manufacturers four different grades of Sothys serums for four various age groups, from 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, and even 60 plus years of age.  The various Sothys Intensive Serums will smooth expression lines and wrinkles at different stages of your skin’s life.   Sothys Grade 3 Intensive Serum for ages 50-60 for example is for fixing deep wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, and fixing tone loss.  Facial features are remodeled.   It contains Colagene Hyaluronique which helps the skin function at its highest level possible.   It is customized to work according to the age of your skin.

Sothys cream contains an active flax complex consisting of Omega 3 and sugars.  The skin becomes restructured, the jaw line actually firms up  and gets lifted.  Your best facial features are renewed and remodeled, turning back the clock for you.  The tri- and tetrapeptides in Sothys Intensive Serum will stimulate your previously lost collagen back to life.  The original oval structure of your face will be restructured with Sothys Serum.  Elasticity is regained for a younger look.  Pure almond biofibers in Sothys Serum will even out and tone your skin almost immediately.  The Sothys cream is applied twice a day on both face and neck.  With regular use, you will see a more youthful, remodeled skin.