Curb Teen Acne with Clean Start by Dermalogica

One of the newest lines from Dermalogica is the Clean Start line of products. Clean Start was developed specifically for teens and addresses the skin issues that many face during those critical years; teen acne care. Many may wonder how Dermalogica could make Clean Start any different from the rest of the teen centered products on the market, but the answer is simple. Ingredients like mineral oil, S.D. Alcohol, artificial coloring and fragrance, can wreak havoc on the skin, especially the sensitive skin of teens. Much like the rest of their offerings, the Clean Start products do not include any of the harsh ingredients that can cause more problems to develop.

When acne care is in order, Clean Start certainly steps up to the plate, offering a great line of natural, earth-friendly products that are great for sensitive skin. Another important point to note is that Dermalogica does not believe in animal testing, so no animals are ever harmed during the creation of any of their products. This is a company that has managed to develop their products without causing harm to the Earth, or its creatures.

This breakthrough in teen acne care works by enlisting the help of specific botanical extracts in order to regulate the natural oils of the skin. Of course, that isn’t all that Dermalogica has blended into these products.