Toner Does Triple Duty

Most people include a cleanser and moisturizer in their daily beauty regimen. However, a toner is a necessary addition. Not only does it typically reach down further into pores than a common cleanser, it eliminates bacteria and can even restore the skin's natural moisture balance. The newest and most innovative types of toner will actually protect the skin by preventing attacks from free radicals and sometimes even the sun's harmful rays. With a constant onslaught of environmental pollutants, skin should be detoxified with a daily toner. Also, some brands will exfoliate the skin as well, removing dead skin cells and helping to regenerate existing live cells.

The Dr. Brandt brand was developed by a world renowned cancer specialist. In his search to find treatments for cancer, he discovered a unique combination of natural elements that lead to the promotion of youthful skin and provide an overall radiance. With ingredients like green tea and a wealth of vitamins, Dr. Brandt toners feed the skin, rather than stripping it of essential nutrients.

Astara has also perfected toner. Their products feature essential nutrients as well. Users can be sure that their skin will feel rejuvenated and fresh after using an Astara toner. Also, their Blue Flame Purifying Toning Mistcan be used on the go, anytime a little skin refreshing is needed.

B. Kamins lineup of products are known for their effectiveness and reliability. Their toner products are no exception. The Hydrogen-ion Moisturizing Toner Oily Skin is made specifically to prevent breakouts and reduce excess sebum production. The Bio-Maple compound found in the Moisturizing Toner will replenish skin's natural moisture balance and protect skin from environmental pollutants and debris.

When choosing a toner, individuals should be sure that it provides three specific results. The toner should always provide hydration for the skin or a restoration of skin's natural moisture balance. Next, it should detoxify skin, removing unwanted bacteria, debris, and/or impurities. Lastly, it should always soothe and refresh skin, leaving the user with a clean palette. If all three of these functions are included in the product, then a consumer knows he or she is getting quality skin care.