Viviscal Hair Nutrient and Viviscal Shampoo.

Our hair plays a pivotal role in our outward appearance to others.  A good-looking, healthy, full head of hair screams youth and vitality to the world around us.  As we get older, however, the hair on our heads declines just as our skin and our bodies begin to do so.  The hair starts to thin out, becomes more dry and brittle, and loses its volume.  Anti ageing products, though, can do wonders for your aging hair, especially when that anti ageing product is Viviscal.

 Viviscal Hair Nutrient and Viviscal Shampoo promotes a healthy new growth of hair for both men and women.  With Viviscal you will obtain hair that is fuller, lengthier, and also receive the benefits that go along with hair that is healthy.  The Viviscal company knew that in order to given people the hair growth and vitality they so desired, they needed to investigate the reasons behind hair loss and thinning and to understand how the hair grows in a healthy manner.  They studied the various phases of hair growth and realized at which stage optimal hair growth and scalp health is realized.  (Even the scalp needs anti ageing skin care!)  Once these questions were scientifically investigated, Viviscal had the tools to come up with a true anti ageing product for the hair.

Viviscal  Hair Nutrient Tablets address anti ageing skin and hair issues from the inside out.  These tablets are pure vitamins for the hair that are free of synthetic drugs.  Thicker, more luxurious hair can be yours without surgery, implants or potentially toxic drugs.  Viviscal Hair Nutrient Tablets are a natural supplement to increase hair growth.  It contains a special anti ageing skin and hair marine complex called AminoMar. 

AminoMar is a unique anti ageing product and new technological development that contains marine ingredients.  It was developed in Scandinavia by a professor studying the Intuit Indians’ healthy hair and skin.  He discovered their health and vitality to be a result of their mainly seafood and protein dietary intake.  He took apart the main molecules of their diet that contributed to their health and created AminoMar.  This substance was added to many of Viviscal’s anti ageing products. 

Viviscal  Hair Nutrient Tablets and Viviscal Shampoo are sold not only in hair salons, but also in health food stores, dermatologists’ offices, drug stores and other health outlets.  Viviscal makes a Professional Volumizing Shampoo & Scalp Cleanser that is perfect for people with thinning hair looking for that perfect anti ageing product to help the hair and the scalp.  Anti ageing skin help is also needed for the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles.  It cleans the scalp and nourishes it.  It will also make your hair stronger, working as an effective anti ageing product for the hair.  If your hair is thinning out, is weak or delicate, Viviscal Shampoo and viviscal Conditioner are the anti ageing products to make you look and feel younger. 

The best anti ageing skin product for the hair is the Viviscal Leave-In Volumizing Conditioner.  It performs similar tasks as the Viviscal Shampoo, heightening the effects when both are used together.