Why dark circles happen to you at all and how to get rid of them


There are several facial flaws people have that make them feel less than confident, one of them being dark circles around the eyes. There are many reasons for dark circles around eyes to develop. These are:

·         Thin skin: When the skin under the eyes begins to thin due to age, the blood vessels are clearly visible. This shows up as dark circles under the eyes.

·         Genetics: Often, this is passed on from one generation to another in families. They stand out more on fair-complexioned people.

·         Anemia: This medical condition, also known as iron deficiency, can lead to a bluish shade just under the eyes.

·   Allergies and Hay fever: Allergies caused due to pollen, pet dander, dust or any substances present in the air or inherent allergiesor even food,couldresult in dark       circles  around the eyes. Those who suffer from hay fever usually notice them at peak season.

·   Excessive salt in the diet: Too much salt in one’s diet leads to fluid retention, affecting the heart, liver, thyroid and kidneys. Because of this, the blood vessels below the eyes can are dilated, leading to dark circles.

·   Insufficient sleep: Without sufficient sleep, one’s complexion appears dull and pale. This shows up the blood vessels more clearly from under the skin as a bluish tinge or just dark circles.

·   Dehydration: Dehydration could also be a cause of dark circles eye. Look for good under eye treatment containing Vitamins C, E or K to make them fade away, besides using dark eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles around eyes.

Diet to eliminate dark circles: Perhaps one of the most sure shot ways of getting rid of dark circles is to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which will increase your intake of antioxidants that will retard your natural aging process. By fighting against the free radicals that break down your cells and make your skin sag, get wrinkly and develop dark circles under your eyes, they give you a youthful look for longer. Also, drink a lot of water.

Some natural methods to get rid of dark circles under your eyes: Perhaps you’re going through a stressful period, drink excessive caffeine or do not sleep enough. Whatever the cause, this will manifest as dark circles and puffiness under your eyes.

However, you can get rid of that blue tinge under your eyes by using good cream for puffy eyes or you might like to try some natural remedies, such as:

·   Drink a lot of water: Drinking about eight to 10 glasses of water per day to reduce dark circles. It helps keep the toxins away from your cells and give you a healthy appearance.

·   Take your vitamins: Multivitamins such as Vitamins B, C and E help you have healthy, glowing skin, so don’t stinge on them. You can have fresh orange juice to improve your overall skin health.

·   Apply an eye-pack of chamomile tea bags: Dip a few chamomile tea bags in boiling hot water. Next, rinse them in cool water and cover your eyes with them. Keep them on for about 20 minutes to help diminish the puffiness under your eyes and your dark circles eye.

·   Apply sliced cucumber: Apply fridge-cold slices of cucumber on your eyes to reduce puffiness and make the area under your eyes taut.

·   Use Vitamin K-based cream: Vitamin K is effective in mending broken capillaries. So, apply cream for puffy eyes containing Vitamin K daily to give you smooth skin.

Ingredients to look for in your under eye cream: Good dark eye cream usually sorts out any problem of dark circles, but before you buy it, look out for these ingredients:

·   VitaminA: This is one of the most effectivevitamins to get rid of facial wrinkles. Retinol, derived from Vitamin A, is available in cream for puffy eyes and helps fight aging skin in combination with Vitamin K.

·         Vitamin K1: Also known as Phytomenadione, it works best on dark circles by constricting the veins on the skin surface and give you a vibrant look.

·         Coenzyme Q10: This ingredient of under eye creams reduces the appearance of fine lines near the eyes and protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

·         Hyaluronic Acid: This gives fuller and smoother skin in the eye area and also helps to keep the skin hydrated so that wrinkles disappear.

·         Caffeine: Caffeine works in a way to reduce under eye puffiness, though its effects are short-lived.

·         Neuropeptides: These substances stimulate collagen production so that the skin’s natural elasticity returns to it.