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Yon-Ka Skin Care

DrSkinSpa Yonka Services

Yonka Paris Deep Cleansing Facial - Deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial For clean skin and a radiant complexion, this treatment includes 5 successive, very gentle cleansing steps.

Yonka Paris Teen Facial - Oily skin, blackheads and developing spots! There’s nothing like gentle and deep pore cleansing to balance teen skin.

Yonka Anti Aging Optimizer Facial - A “personal trainer” for the skin with hibiscus and lupine peptides to help the skin defend itself against ageing. Result: visibly younger-looking, firmer and smoother skin, redefined facial contour.

Yonka Alpha Vital Resurfacing fruit acid treatment - Through the action of controlled fruit acids, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the complexion is brightened, skin becomes softer and firmer, visibly younger.
Our Esthetician is certified in Yonka skincare
"We are a skincare institute offering YONKA products professionally for resale exclusively in the United States"